White Paper: “Turbulengagement” in professional sport

An examination of social media operations and behaviors in the absence of the core sport product by Michael L. Naraine, Brock University Abstract While sport management professionals have embraced social media as a vehicle to stimulate engagement amongst fans, it is unknown what that engagement consists of when there is turbulence in the sport industryContinue reading “White Paper: “Turbulengagement” in professional sport”

White Paper: Reinventing the sport sales process with natural language processing

Spectator sport sales staffs have a key problem. Sport sales personnel are important to organization revenue generation, yet the role is highly demanding and highly overtaxing. Employees must balance the exhausting task of pre-qualifying prospects with also executing the duration of the sales process for engaged customers.

White Paper: Sport’s future leaders – Workforce development in small sport organizations

by Thomas J. Aicher, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs and Brianna L. Newland, New York University Abstract Employee readiness, along with long-term capacity to be effective, efficient, and productive in an ever-evolving industry, such as sport, is incredibly important to management. Workforce development, a proxy for career and technical education, is the policies and practices thatContinue reading “White Paper: Sport’s future leaders – Workforce development in small sport organizations”